Innocent man slugged by cops for filming arrest after perp told officers he was getaway driver

JEFFERSONTOWN, KY – A man who was driving home from work and saw a police arrest unfolding stopped to livestream the incident and ended up getting decked by a police officer.   The otherwise mundane incident turned into a viral news story after Joe Bennett began filming police making an arrest at the neighborhood McDonalds.  Police eventually turned their attention away from the bank fraud suspect and approached Bennett. A scuffle ensued and police forced Bennett to the ground.  It turns out that the friendly and honest fraudster identified Bennett as his getaway driver.  He lied.  Moments earlier in the video, Bennett said it was the most boring livestream ever.  Bennett released the video of the encounter. You can move to the end of the video, because he’s right, it was boring until the end.  Bennett now says the police officer gave him a ‘solid left hook’.